Pressure Washing

  Why Pressure Washing? Your Home and other exterior areas are often the first impression that the general public or potential customers will have about ur house Unfortunately due to dirt, grime and other contaminants can quickly build up from environmental and organic sources and contribute to unsightly looking surfaces. Stains that are neglected such as oil, grease, food, drink, rust, tire marks, gum and others can embed deep into the pores of your home,sidewalk, driveways and make 100% removal more difficult and sometimes impossible. Proper and regular maintenance can avoid such problems with permanent stainage, keeping your sidewalks and other ground surface areas looking like new for years to come.


It's been proven that pressure washing can actually increase your curb appeal therefore giving you a faster home sale.



Houses $100 to $249.00 Based on Sqft.

We can clean bricks and brickwork, stucco, cement render, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stone, metal wood, tile, shingle and many more substrates around your home or property. We understand that different substrates have different characteristics and treat each substrate accordingly. We also specialize in removal of a range of common stains such as algae, moss, lichen, rust, oil, grease, paint, graffiti, dirt, grime and much more.

Side walks $15.00 to $25.00


We can clean and treat are wide range of commonly found sidewalk stains for our clients. We not only remove dirt, algae, moss, lichen and other common stains, we have many years experience in removing more difficult stains as well.

These stains include: Rust, Oil and Grease, Tire Marks, Paint, Graffiti, Tree Sap, Bark, Fertilizer Stains, Battery Acid Stains, Food and Drink Spills, Animal & Bird Droppings, Blood and more

Drive Ways $75.00 to $100.00

Driveways are subjected to heavy traffic both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, most likely on a daily basis. They can quickly build up stains from a wide variety of sources and spoil the look and appeal of your home or property.

We have the knowledge, resources and experience to remove many common driveway stains, regardless of the type of driveway you have. Stains that we can remove include oil, grease, tire marks, rust, fertilizer stains, brake fluid, transmission fluid, tree sap, bark, leaf stains, bird droppings, paint, graffiti and much more.

Types of driveway we clean include concrete, pavers, sandstone, limestone and other natural stone, asphalt, tiles, pebblecrete, sealed concrete and more.



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