Carpet Cleaning With Robot Technology

Carpet Cleaning in Murrieta CA and all 951 Cities

Soap and Residue Free Cleaning. 

No bait and switch here!!! the price you see is the price you pay!!!


We use RotoVac Carpet Restoration Cleaning System

it deep steams and scrubs your carpet 1,500 times per min. In simple words it clean the dirt out of your carpet much better than any standard carpet wand. Always insist in getting your carpet clean With RotoVac Technology!!!!


Our 7 Step Process VS Other Cleaners

The Carpet Heros Way of Cleaning Carpets

1. Picking up and moving small iteams off the carpet

2. We start Vacuuming the carpet from wall to wall.

3. Pre-Spraying the Carpet so the soil and dirt and grime start breaking up.

4. Power Scrubbing, this lifts the carpet fibers and brushes off the dirt and suspends it and get's it ready for Hot water Extraction (steam Cleaning).

5. Pre Treat any stains and spots.

6. Hot Water Extraction we add Rinsers in our water supply to remove all pre-spray and detergent and dust mites and dirt from your carpets.

7. We do a final walk though with you and show you how clean your carpet is now.


Other Carpet Cleaners way of cleaning

1. Pre-spray

2. Hot water Extraction

So you can see we really clean your carpets. We are not budget cleaners but you also don't get a budget cleaning or up charges or upsell's.. So call us today at 951.599.5807






 We use powerful Truckmount system to deep steam your carpets. Our Truckmount units create extreme suction to lift all the dirt out of your carpets. Our units also create amazing heat, our water heats up to 235 degrees of hotness. This combine with the right pressue and the result is amazing. We also use 100% non toxic cleaning products that are safe.  So if you need house carpet cleaning in Temecula or any cities in the 951  area code then pick up the phone and give us a call.

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